In the early eighties, Ray Schembri foresaw that the Maltese industry would one day need automation to survive. In 1983, Mr. Joe Attard provided workshop premises, and hence, Rayair Automation Ltd was officially established in Malta.

At that time, production comprised jigs and fixtures, conveyors, and semi-automatic machinery that usually relied on pneumatic, or hardwire logic. With time, automation slowly became more complex. Rayair Automation’s hard work in the area started to pay off, markedly when, in 1991, the company was commissioned to set up a television assembly and testing line for Seleco. The project was a major milestone in the company’s history and it also represented a first for the local automation industry.

In keeping with the company’s long-standing commitment to provide the finest industrial automation to the broadest possible range of customers, in 1993, Rayair Automation initiated ambitious projects in collaboration with a number of well established companies. Partners hailed from a variety of sectors, among them, the food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, textiles and fabrics, electrical engineering, automotive, and agricultural industries.

The projects evolved from simple semi-automatic assembly and packaging machines to custom, fully automated industrial lines. In 1998, a high speed, fully flexible automation using servo drives was launched, and in 2001, a second version was released. The latter was capable of producing high levels of production assemblies per day in any combination of processes. In 2005, another two important goals were achieved as the company started using highly flexible touch screen controllers, and vision inspection systems were introduced.

Today, Rayair Automation boasts wide-ranging experience, besides an extensive portfolio that includes diverse clients with specific requirements. The company also saw the introduction of CNC machining in 1996, CAD-CAM in 2000, and a new CNC machining centre in 2003. In addition, Rayair Automation added the Fused Depositing Machine (3D printer), which can manufacture the object required from raw materials, to its list of services in 2010. During the same year, the company started to represent Motoman Robotics with the integration of five Motoman 6axis robots, while in 2011, RAYAIR Automation started representing Denso Robotics, as well.

Presently, Rayair Automation, with its capacity to design and manufacture custom solutions, is at the forefront of the automation industry in Malta. RAYAIR Automation attributes its success, both locally and internationally, to its invaluable experience in the field, its highly skilled personnel endowed with vast technical knowledge, and lastly, by ensuring effective communication with its valued clients.