Camozzi Pneumatics Division: Rayair Automation Ltd is Camozzi’s official distributor. Camozzi specialises in the production of components for industrial automation and mechanics, and can offer complex, tailor-made solutions.

Unitronics: Rayair Automation Ltd also distributes products and solutions provided by Unitronics, a company that consist of three main components, Automation Products, Automated Logistics Systems, and Automated Parking Solutions.

CTA Systems: CTA Systems specialises in aluminium profiles, which Rayair Automation Ltd distributes.

Yaskawa Motoman: Motomon Robotics delivers robotic automation solutions for an expansive spectrum of industries. Rayair Automation Ltd is proud to be a system integrator for this company.

DENSO Robotics: Offering innovative solutions to the industry, DENSO Robotics is also accredited as a partner of Rayair Automation Ltd, which acts as a system integrator.