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Unitronics New PLC Line SAMBA


it’s SAMBA time!

Improve your competitive advantage.

Great look , Great Functionality – incredible price.


What is Samba™?

Unitronics Samba is a price oriented product.Color-touch, all in one, low cost PLC.
The main traits of Samba:
  • Low cost – High Performance
  • 3.5’’ 16 bit color touchscreen
  • On Board I/Os (not expandable)
  • Programmed in Visilogic™
  • Communication: Ports: supplied with1 RS232; 2 ports may be added: 1 Serial (RS232/RS485)/Ethernet & 1 CANbus


Whats in Samba™ for you?


Like Jazz, Samba is designed to give an optimal price/performance for low-end PLC and even to Smart Relay customers. Samba is a step up for you – allowing you to offer a color touch screen instead of your current text display / Smart Relay;  in a price similar to what you pay today for PLC + simple display.


Questions? Comments?

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